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TESOL CALL-IS Webcast Presentations from the Technology Showcase and Electronic Village Fair

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Welcome to the



CALL-IS Webcast Sessions


 Home Page


The date and time in Chicago, IL USA is



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The TESOL Computer-Assisted Language Learning Interest Section is pleased to present live webcasts from the Technology Showcase and Electronic Village Fairs in Chicago, Illinois (USA)


The CALL-IS Technology Showcase live-streams on this channel:



(Note: All events listed below are Technology Showcase sessions unless labeled as Electronic Village events.)


The CALL-IS Electronic Village live-streams on this channel:



Tuesday March 27

Setting up for streaming in the Technology Fair area of the Exhibition Hall at TESOL 2018 Chicago



Wednesday March 28



Thursday March 29



Friday March 30



There is a blog post about CALL-IS webcasting from TESOL 2018 Chicago here




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