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Best of EVO 2018

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Welcome to the

Best of EVO 2018


The date and time in Chicago, IL USA is

Starts at 1530 UTC, see the time where you are


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Best of Electronic Village Online 2018

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

10:30am-12:20 pm (click here for time of this event wherever you happen to be)

Exhibition Hall, Booth 540


Recording: https://youtu.be/HUEOyNB1wEI 

Blog archive: https://learning2gether.net/2018/03/28/the-best-of-evo-at-tesol-chicago-2018/ 


Tiny URL for the online handout is available on the conference app and here: https://tinyurl.com/bestofevo 

Best of EVO at TESOL Chicago 2018 HANDOUT.pdf

or get it direct to your browser here


Full link for the online handout  



Access the presentation materials online via this QR code



Presenter  Title  Summary  Links 

Martha Ramirez, Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia

Diana Salazar, Saint Matthew School, Colombia 

Flipped Learning in Language Teaching 

Martha Ramirez will open this symposium and explain how we will handle its mixture of on-site and online presenters. She can briefly overview how the Electronic Village Online bridges the work of the Electronic Village between on-site TESOL conferences.


Her presentation highlights the five-week online workshop is designed for both those new to flipped learning and those who are already flipping their classes. Participants practiced with various video creation tools, gained skills in curating already existing media, and learned how to effectively incorporate these resources into their teaching practices. 


Vance Stevens, Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE   

Jane Chien, National Taipei University of Education, currently visiting scholar at University of Central Florida, Orlando 

Seventeen Years of EVO and Four Years of EVO Minecraft MOOC   EVO Minecraft MOOC is for interested teachers to join in playing Minecraft to learn from each other about how Minecraft is being used for language learning.  In the process we learn about gamification as we experience a unique participatory culture. This presentation discusses EVO Minecraft MOOC, which has been an EVO session for the last four years, in the context of the Electronic Village Online from its beginnings in 2001 to the current year. 




Nellie Deutsch, University of Phoenix, Canada  

Moderating Moodle for Teachers and 

Teaching EFL to Young Learners EVO18

This session will highlight how screencast-o-matic and PoodLL engage teachers in peer teaching and learning by teaching. The presenter will discuss her experiences in moderating Moodle for Teachers for the past 6 years and Teaching EFL to Young Learners for the past 4. 

Teaching as a Way to Learn EVO18.pptx


PowerPoint Presentation on Slideshare

Moodle for Teachers EVO18

Showcase and Reflect (M4TEVO18)

Teaching EFL to Young Learners EVO 2018

Showcase and Reflect (TEFL2YL) 

Teaching as a Way to Learn EVO18.pptx



Julie Kacmaz, Academic Study Kit, Turkey   A Moderator's Story: Sharing My Experience as a First Time Moderator   This session will highlight my first time as an Electronic Village Online moderator.    
Maha Hassan, Maha ESL Community, Egypt  Are You a Fair Tester? 

This session highlights an EVO 2018 session designed for those responsible for setting monthly and annual exams. Participants in this session learned online and offline tools that can help them and alleviate the stress of managing testing. 


Daniela Martino, Universidad de La Plata, Argentina  Teaching Listening: Principles, Techniques and Technologies 

This session highlights the EVO session about teaching listening, a skill that a lot of teachers find tricky to teach. Participants in this session designed, experimented with and discussed a range of listening activities informed by research and expanded their knowledge of online resources and tech tools for teaching listening. 

Teaching Listening presentation.pptx

Carrie Terry, Clear Pronunciation, UK Teaching Pronunciation Differently

This session highlights the experiences of the presenter as a moderator and a participant in the EVO session about teaching pronunciation. The session focuses on the 'Articulatory Approach', which teaches students what to do with their mouths to sound right. Here is the ppt:


Mbarek Akaddar, Hassan II High School, Morocco Online Tools Used in EVO sessions This session will highlight some of the many tools used to moderate and participate in the Electronic Village Online sessions.  


Presenter Biographies


Name Biography 

Martha Ramirez, Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia (contacto@martharamirez.com.co)

Diana Salazar, Saint Matthew School, Colombia (dianaksalazar21@gmail.com)  

Vance Stevens, Higher Colleges of Technology, UAE (vancestev@gmail.com)

Vance Stevens is in his last year as EFL English Faculty at the air college in Al Ain, UAE. His online work includes founder of Webheads in Action, On the Internet editor for TESL-EJ, a podcast series Learning2gether with apprx. 360 episodes, and since 2002 one of the coordinators of TESOL CALL-IS Electronic Village Online. Vance is entering his 4th year as founder / co-moderator of EVO Minecraft MOOC. 

Nellie Deutsch, University of Phoenix, Canada (nellie.muller.deutsch@gmail.com)

Nellie Deutsch (Ed.D) is a Canadian education technologist, curriculum and instruction developer, blended learning practitioner, relationship-based mentor, researcher, writer, speaker, and online community builder. She combines technology with mindfulness, the Alexander technique, and the Silva Method. She has been teaching English as a foreign language in high school and higher education face-to-face for over 35 years and teacher professional development online for over 20. She speaks at online and face-to-face conferences and organizes annual informal MOOCs (Moodle and Virtual World), online conferences (CO and MMVC), free online courses and webinars at Moodle for Teacher and MMVC. Nellie joined the Webheads in 2004 and EVO in 2005. She had the honour of leading the coordination team of EVO18.   

Julie Kacmaz, Academic Study Kit, Turkey (juliekacmaz@gmail.com)   
Maha Hassan, Maha ESL Community, Egypt (maha.professionaltrainer@gmail.com)  Maha is a Teacher Trainer, founder of Teaching ESL Hub and Head of English Dept.at Arab Academy for Training Technology. She has presented at a number of International Conferences. She had a number of articles published as well. She blogs on http://teachingenglishcafe.blogspot.com.eg/ 
Daniela Martino, Universidad de La Plata, Argentina (dlmartino76@gmail.com)  Daniela is a teacher of English and Sworn Translator at Universidad de La Plata. She holds a Diploma in Education and ICT and is currently doing an MA in Technology-mediated Learning (Universidad de C√≥rdoba, Argentina). She has been working as an EFL teacher at different levels for twenty years. She has also been an EFL pre and in service teacher trainer, lecturing in Applied Phonetics since 2009. Her research interests include the integration of ICT in teaching programmes, particularly in the teaching of segmental and suprasegmental features of spoken English.  
Carrie Terry, Clear Pronunciation, UK (carrie@clearpronunciation.co.uk) Carrie Terry is PT Lecturer in EFL at Warwickshire College, UK, and Director of Clear Pronunciation (clearpronunciation.co.uk). She has been a moderator (2017 and 2018) and participant (2015 and 2016) on Teaching Pronunciation Differently.  
Mbarek Akaddar, Hassan II High School, Morocco (akaddar13@hotmail.com)  




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