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On the Cutting Edge Panel 2

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On the Cutting Edge:

Graduate Student Panel


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On the Cutting Edge:  Graduate Student Panel, Panel Two

Friday, March 30, 2018

9:00-10:20 am

ExhibitionHall, Booth 540


Recording: https://youtu.be/WMYp0qz4XKo 


Presenter  Title  Summary  Links 
Tanya Tercero, University of Arizona, USA  Designing Effective Online Writing Courses for L2 Writers  The presenter shares research into L2 writers' demographics, vast online experiences, and perceptions of a first-year online writing course for a large university writing program using D2L as the learning management system. The presenter also shares an interdisciplinary combined framework for evaluating and improving online writing courses for L2 writers.   
Elizabeth Plummer, The University of Iowa, USA  Online Language Teachers: A look at Training, Experiences, and Challenges  This session will focus on understanding how to better train and support online language teachers. Recommendations will be made using the results of a large-scale survey of the training received, background, challenges reported and recommendations for training by current online language teachers.  PDF
Yoon-Kyoung Chae, Indiana University Bloomington, USA  Different Modes of Feedback in English College Writing  The presenter compares the traditional way of written feedback and audiovisual feedback using a screencast instructional technology on L2 student writers’ college essay. This research study provides L2 writing teachers in higher education with insights into the multimodal feedback in a meaningful and effective way.   


Presenter Biographies


Name  Biography 
Tanya Tercero, University of Arizona, USA (ttercero@email.arizona.edu)   
Elizabeth Plummer, The University of Iowa, USA (elizabethplummer00@gmail.com)  Elizabeth is a doctoral candidate at the University of Iowa in the Foreign Language and ESL Education Program. She has taught English at the elementary, university and adult levels and currently teaches educational technology to preservice K12 teachers. Her research interests include CALL, teacher training and distance education. Her dissertation work is focused on the experiences and training of online language teachers.
Yoon-Kyoung Chae, Indiana University Bloomington, USA (yoonchae@iu.edu) 

Yoon-Kyoung Chae is a doctoral candidate in the department of Language Education at Indiana University, Bloomington. Her research interests include second language writing, ESL/EFL writing, college writing for multilingual learners, teacher education, CALL, and instructional technology. She is currently working on her doctoral dissertation which investigates the relations between writing teachers’ beliefs and practices in terms of different modes of teacher response on student’s writing.





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